Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's a Geordie?

Headlines of the day
(courtesy of the METRO)

OFFICIAL: You're British if...
You know where Geordies come from
You know what a TV Licence covers
You know a bit about divorce

Ha, well - I'm not British then - but I never said I want to be.I have no idea where a Geordie comes from though maybe it's the same as a Brummie?I don't think I even have a TV licence though I don't have a TV myself so I guess I'll learn when I get one in the new flat this weekend. As for divorce, i'm not married and don't plan to be this week so I'll postpone any research into that one for now. I don't plan to divorce the person I marry either - though who does?

After a mad rush to the radio station last night I managed to record an interview with the organisers and dancers in the Taste of Africa event which is being held to celebrate the end of Black History Month. Hopefully I can go along to this one - I couldn't attend the pamper day because I'm white. VERY white after being here in the UK for 2 years with no sun rays.

Ooooh, my stomach hurts!! Too much salad and rice cakes for me today. You eat healthy and STILL feel like exploding. I guess it's the killer notion that 'it's healthy so I can have twice as much'. I've reverted to coffee today too... it's that or sleeping on the keyboard and I have to go out later so don't want the sexy indentation of the 'Esc' key on my forehead.

I've been exploring the world of blogging lately and can't understand how people find the time to do it with the obsessive regularity of a serial blogster. What do you people do all day? Are you skipping meals in order to keep your finger on the blogosphere? Are your teeth, children and hygene being neglected? I work online, in the blogging field and still I barely have time to search through the sea of blogs out there. I've got a list of 'favourites' waiting for me to give them thier undivided attention - but finding time to breathe is more of a priority at the moment.
Right now, I steal half an hour of my lunch break to type my rambling thoughts and upload it when I've finished work. That is, when I remember!

NEWSFLASH - The Swedish Seducer has just emailed her latest dilemma (honestly, the trivial questions that spout from that woman are the highlight of my day).
Todays' question is pulling at my medical strings - "do you know what to do with terrible back pains? quickly? I need to go to dinner tonight and my back is killing me. It's not a normal PMS thing, its just a really annoying thing"

The prognosis: Go to Boots and ask! If in doubt pop Nurofen... and then tell me who on earth this mystery date is with? probably the same Karma sutra practising sod that gave you the back ache.

Am I not a good friend?

I bought a new pair of shoes today - I was stressed after being too stingy to pay the £20 to transfer our bond to a new account. THEN had to totter my way through Lodnon in search of another bank - with £750 burning a hole in my purse. I had images of armed bandits and cowboys and indians springing from the alleyways. Never again.

Anyway, the shoes fixed the grey hairs that were threatening to sprout. Close one.

Right, back to exploring blog world. I have to admit, the presence of a regular comment maker has me intrigued... bless you commentor! ("bless you???" how English does that sound! I'll have to ditch that one before I hit home soil or they'll send me packing.

What else is new for modern day London... the new Madonna song is out - can't say I'm overly impressed. It contains ABBA though so I'm sure the afore mentioned Swedish bombshell will love it. Anything even remotely related to Eurovision and she's a goner. Don't even get me started!!

Gawd I need a cocktail...


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Cool blog ..Thanks for inviting me over and thanks for stopping by my place and having a look around.

If you start scrapbooking be sure to post some layouts I would love to see them :)

Have a great day !!!


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