Thursday, November 03, 2005

Udder strikers

Headlines of the Day
Courtesy of The Independent

Quote of the day

"I don't drink... I was born looking like an alcoholic" - David Randall

I met David Randall last night... Assistant Editor of The Independent. He's a man that obviously has a lot of journalsistic experience under his belt and he wasn't afraid to share it with us. He presented a Q & A at CSV Media and spent the evening firing off advice on hor to become a top reporter. inspiring stuff. I know he's a journalist so feigning interest is his forte but we chatted afterwards and for 5 minutes David Randall was interested in my story. Where I've come from and where I want to end up. He's apparently off to Australia soon - to a wine region above Sydney. Hence the "I don't drink comment" - (after I suggested he should bring back half a vineyard).

I came out totally inspired... as I do after talking to anyone who's made it big time. He told us of a comment made by a marathon runner after winning a race in which he was tipped as third favourite.

"My heart wanted it more than their legs"
Well, as far as my writing and art is concerned - my heart wants it more than their fingers... And as for radio - I want to rule that microphone til the day that I die. This little voice wants to be heard!!As for the headlines, the dairyfarmes issue seems to be a big one. Even Chris Moyles pondered over it on BBC1 this morning. I almost screamed with frustration at their total naivety when it comes to all things rural. Their ground breaking question was:

If the farmers go on strike and don't milk the cows, will the cows fill up and explode?

As a dairy girl at heart I guess I should understand the confusion of city folk. The thought of my dad's 2,500 cows filling up and exploding at random as they go about their bovine days cracks me up. It just doesn't happen that way - cows 'dry up' if they're not milked. Usually, a cow would only produce milk when she's given birth... to feed her calf. As long as the calf suckles she keeps producing... so, essentially, farmers milking the cows is a way to trick the cow's body into producing more milk. The more you milk them, the more they produce (within reason!). It's exactly why dad has to make sure each cow in the herd calves down each year. to keep 'em pumping that milk out.

And that's your agricultural lesson for the day. Is anyone listening? And that's your agricultural lesson for the day. Is anyone listening? You never know when your udder knowledge is going to be called upon.

I can't believe I remember all this from my farm days. The joys of teet pulling!! It's all coming back to me now... I can't wait to go home and ride a motorbike along the beach.

As for terrorism in Austalia - if anyone touches paradise there'll be hell to pay... it honestly makes my skin crawl.


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