Friday, November 04, 2005

The Next Big Thing

Headlines of the Day

What?? A Norwegian youngster can be excused for regressing after a carnivorous lizard emerged from the family toilet as he used it. Geez, and I thought redback spiders were enough of a loo hazard. Yes, the little critters (and that's putting it nicely) hide under the seat - a bite from one and you're in some serious trouble!

The birds of the world look to be in an even worse position... and working yourself to death is obviously possible. I swear, I feel like I'm close to it today. But then again, that may have something to do with my thumping hangover. My head feels like someone has forcefully inserted an entire packet of cotton buds into my ear holes and I swear, they're trying to come back out of my aching eyeballs. Self inflicted torture. I ask for no sympathy but I damn well expect some!

Yesterday was an absolute mad rush. Work, then a dash to the radio station to pre-record my show (a good-un if I do say so myself). Listen to it here: The Big Smoke Wed 6-7pm
As soon as I closed my final link I switched off the mic and bolted to the South bank University for a blogging/new media convention 9all in the name of work) and spent 2 hours learning about the future of blogging - I KNEW my time wasn't being wasted!

7pm marked the spot for me to make like Cinderella and battle the pouring rain in an attempt to get to the Playhouse Theatre in Embankment. Gaz and I were there for the press night for The Next Big Thing - a musical following the British music scene - from the Beatles to Brit Pop and all the b**ll**cks in between. Two large glasses of white set the scene for me - or, more to the point, set a very hazy scene. The British gags and references passed straight over my little head - but obviously Gaz was tall and British enough and laughed at them all.

I was more than entertained by his explanations of the celebs there. I still have trouble recognising anyone! I managed to get a few interviews though - with people in the industry and a hilarious woman with more free champagne under her belt than me. Not famous but a fruitcake with a hell of a lot to say about everything. Then again, so did I. My champagne-fuelled tongue took now prisoners and I even tried to set Gaz up with a date. Or so I'm told. Listening back to my recordings will be priceless.

I ended up leaving at 2am (believing it was before 12.00) and had to wait an hour for the night bus with only the wind and a soggy Tescos egg and cress sandwich to keep me company. Again, my no carb vow of sandwich chastity was broken in an instant. I blame the bubbly!

So... tonight's catch up plans with the Sultry Swede have changed somewhat. Drinks at the Londonist party are cancelled - my blood needs time to return to 0.00 on the blood alcohol-o-meter and my head just won't cope. A refined dinner at Mantra Vegetarian is plan B. To be honest, plan B-E-D suits me better right now. BUT girly catch-ups need to happen... it's for the good of my stress levels. Just not so good for my baggy eye dilemma!

Even a lunchtime shuffle through The House of Fraser was enough to perk me up - even with a 25% off sale thrown in to the equation. I did manage to buy 2 Xmsas pressies to take home though. Honestly - they'll call me Mrs Claus when I show up on the tarmac laden down with gifts.

Right, time to plug my latest X-in the City column, and then head to the coffee machine. My hit awaits!


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