Friday, November 04, 2005

Darius joins Chicago

I just met and interviewed Darius - popstar turned stage actor. Despite never having seen him before in my life I was blown away by his truly down to earth nature. I was expecting an arrogant alpha male. Not on this day anyway! He's taking to the West End to play Billy Flynn in the musical 'Chicago'. In the past, Richard Gere played the film role - big shoes to fill. Lucky his feet looked huge...

I'm not one to be impressed by celebrities - and to be honest, I'm usually wary of them. but to his credit, he charmed me right through. Lucky we did the interview sitting down though - he's a giant! (true, I am pint sized... but even the men in the theatre looked small in his shadow)

I'll publish the full interview next week - but first there's a splitting headache to deal with, Nurofen to pop and Marketing drinks to be consumed. All on the eve of the flat moving weekend. Oh my poor aching brain!

See you on the other side...


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