Thursday, October 27, 2005

Theatre overdose - is it possible??

Righto, this is definitely a week of theatre...

Misery - review here

Scrooge the Musical on Monday - good for the kiddies I guess but really, it's not even November yet so too early for Christmas songs.

Ducktastic on Tuesday... really funny but cheesier than Edam. I swear, there must be some duck cruelty issues there. although, they looked happy! All 21 of them. There was lots of nakednessm cavorting and dressing up as chicks in eggs. I haven't laughed that much in ages though.

And THEN... 'As You Desire Me' featuring Kristin Scott thomas and Bob Hoskins last night. WOW. Speechless, honestly... okay, so THAT will never happen - but I was blown away.

It was honestly the best show I have seen in London since my arrival.

Kristin Scott thomas was amazing - beautiful, poised, emotive and utterly convincing in the role of 'Chia'. I almost felt sorry for the rest of the cast - what a challenge to match such a performance. But they produced the goods... I particularly enjoyed the chemistry between the niggling Lara and the Uncle - sorry, the names escape me (must still be in shock from last night!)

The set was stunning... very convincing and didn't take away from the sotry line and the performers.

We originally worried that our AA seats were too close to take the full impact of the show but they couldn't have been better - we had full view of the characters' every move - and after studying them with my 'eagle eye' I can confirm that they never once slipped out of character - the little facial expressions, even when the focus was not on them made all the difference.

I saw 'The Posman Always Rings Twice' a few months ago at the Playhouse Theatre and Val Kilmer or no Val Kilmer - I didn't particularly enjoy the venue... but it was obviously down to the show because in this case, it was perfect.

The lack of interval was genius - a break would have disrupted the flow and taken away from the impact.

It sets the benchmark for any other shows I see from now on...

Tonight we are off to see the play 'The Return'. Absolutely can't wait for that one. I've been chasing Natashe Beaumont for an interview for donkey's years! I finally got it last week - phew! It'll be good to see if it lives up to the hype... it's based on a train and is apparently quite a black comedy driven thriller! Bring it on!! It's press night so after dinner and wine beforehand we'll hopefuly make the most of some wine. It is Thursday after all.

Still don't know what to wear to our halloween party tomorrow night - I think I'll just buy a mask!
I got paid yesterday - JOY!! So the days of counting my shrapnell at the bottom of my Mary Poppins bad are over for at leas a few weeks. The urge to shop is huge... hopefully the urge to save for Oz will be bigger. Somehow, I doubt it. Retail therapy is not a force to be reckoned with. :(

I was supposed to go to Birmingham on the weekend for the Gospel Entertainment Music Awards. It would have been a quirky feature for the radio show but the aforementioned budget issues scrapped that idea. Plus, one of Adam's very good friends died suddenly this week and he needs to be here for the 'group'. Such a waste of a young life... and all the more reason to get out there and do EVERYTHING. She says as she fights her eyes against the threat of computer screen-induced sleep.

Maybe it's the fact that this screen is smaller than my head - (and no, it's not a BIG head thank you very much!)


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