Monday, October 10, 2005


We came, we saw, we inspected... and then we headed home flatless.
I swear, we inspected half the flats in North London and came away feeling better about the places we live than ever! My share-house looks like a palace compared to some of the prison cells they're charging £200 a week for in this city.

The weekend may not have ended in success but it definitely taught us a few things:

1. Queens Park is the equivalent of the ghettos.

2. Studio flats are evil - even in the gorgeous suburb of West Hampstead. No amount of new carpeting, polished laminate flooring and matching IKEA furniture would ever make up for having to cook in the room in which you sleep. A doona smelling like roast potatoes? I think not!! I'd end up killing poor Ads in such close confinement - and vice versa!

3. A big flat isn't necissarily a good-un. And no amount of mirrored wardrobes will overcome the drawback of dirty carpets. I want wooden floors!! Other people's dust is not something I want to encounter... especially year's worth. Maybe I should stop watching "How Clean is your House" I'll be buying a pair of pink-sequined scrubbing gloves next!

4. 'Simply Scrumptious' make the most amazing jacket potatoes in the history of potato kind. Tuna, avocado and pest still has my stomach in bliss. Well worth the kilo I'm sure it added to my waist!


After a 2 month-long period of anticipation and pre-booking we headed off to the Absolut Wine Bar for our 30 minutes of below zero cocktails. But, it rained, it poured and tempers soared...

So, a mixture of flat hunting saddies, dangerously high levels of PMT and hypothermia prone toes meant that we abandoned the Scandinavian vodka bar and headed to the Crazy Bear for a posh (warm!) dinner. It took awhile for me to banish the shocker of a mood I tend to be in lately (homesickness is to blame) but the night was a good one - romantic even! ;)

Crustacean salad, put a smile on my dial and chocolate soup sent Ads into a choccy enduced state of euphoria (or was that the wine?). The mirrored toilets were as much of a novelty as a bar made out of ice would have been - though the shock of looking up and seeing myself on the loo is still giving me flashback shudders!! Not a natural angle.


Thursday is the official John Peel day so we're dedicating the show to the amazing man himself. I have to do a vox-pop in the lead up to the show- to find out whether he had an impact on their radio-listening lives.

Presenters are being urged to cast aside their playlists and play the music that inspres them... a bold move and one that John embraced. We'll be casting aside the usual ones and twos and playing the tracks that we want - the gigs from the upcoming weeks that make our heart pound.

Can't wait - what a special day to be part of.

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Thursday is the official John Peel day.

Radio presenters throughout the UK are being urged to host their show in tribute to the amazing man himself... to cast away playlists and embrace the amazing world of UK music.

Of course, this is not possible for all - but at The Big Smoke, we are going to do the late legend proud and play a larger than usual list of tracks from bands that are playing John Peel tribute gigs... and the bands that make our hearts pound.

There's be info - all things John Peel, feedback from the people who's musical lives he's touched and of course, pumping tunes.

Be there - it's not to be missed.

6pm Wednesday


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