Wednesday, October 05, 2005

On air and my throat hurts

It's Wednesday - which means I have to go on air at 6pm.

It'd be fine and dandy if I'd actually prepared anything... I guess a few comps and interviews set up for next week count. It's amazing how time consuming PR can be. Gigs to attend, tickets to chase, people to convice that the big Smoke is the best thing since full-grain multi-vatamin packed, thick sliced bread.

To be fair, tickets to the poetry olympics may not do much to inspire my listeners but I have it on good authority that the event is actually fun. Sylvia Plath - eat your heart out.

What we need is some full-blown megastars to make an appearance. The type of guests that people will put down their fork for, stop eating and listen with intent. Brad Pitt would do it for me... who says they need to be musical? Although, if we want to really get anal about all that, we could ship Johnny Depp in for a celeb feature... chances are though, I'd suffer from 'tall-dark-sultry stranger' induced shock and lose all sense of reason and voice. Not a good state for a radio presenter.

Maybe I'll stick to the more accessible guests... until my star-struck tendencies are done and dusted!

In an attempt to track the show's progress, the presenting highs and lows and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, I'm going to start recording the planning process in this blog. It can only be a good thing right? Public shame if we don't get our act together and playlist sorted in time.

We've arranged to have our weekly meetings on Friday nights (or Sundays) and to actually turn up! Meeting in the pub has been voted as venue of choice... at least the creative juices will be flowing (along with the Lager!)

Tune in - The Big Smoke, 6pm Wednesdays


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