Thursday, October 20, 2005

Misery guts

We've done it... we found a flat. It only took a handful of disasterous viewings, a scatter-brained property agent from hell (excuse me, but if you can't even remember whether the flat you're showing is on the first floor or TOP floor, you've got problems). She even admitted she'd shown it to another couple that morning.

We're now renting a cute-ish, flat in the leafy suburb of Kilburn. I won't give the address because there are some nutters out there who may one day want my head - depending who I manage to offend in this blog... that is, assuming it gets read.

To be honest, it was either going to be one extreme or the other - I wanted to live in the outskirts where I can see the occasional flash of greenery (garbage bins don't count) or right smack bang in the middle of the city. If I can't have greenery I want a sleep-in and a zone 1 travel card. The fact that someone else had seent he flat and was coming back to put a deposit down was incentive enough... that, and a rush across town to view the Stockwell pit from hell. One thing about flat hunting - it shows you how the 'other side' live. Even my uni days (*sentimental sigh*) didn't involve such a breeding ground for ecoli strains... even with 2 Aussie males involved! This flat was decorated with a towering wall of dirty dishes, bras, rubbish and a guinea pig. I felt sorry for the rodent!

The pic leaves a lot to be desired... but believe me, our new abode is cute. Just wait til I get in there and funk it up. It's just big enough, in a safe area (no more unapproved gropings from half-baked prowlers in Stockwell for me thank you very much!). It comes cleaned, furnished, it has arched doorways, funky orange walls, a bath (yippee!!) and no guinea pig in sight. I've broached the possibility of investing in a fish. Not the battered vaiety - I want a pet. We'll see - my past brushes with amphibians have resulted in their suicide - hopefully English goldfish cope with life's misgivings a little better than their
cousins Down Under.

I move out of my share house this weekend - on the eve of a farewell party. Two Australian ladies (debatable!), one Swede and an Irish lass will hit the London night life on Saturday. If past performances are anything to go by we shall create history... in some way or another. There is bound to be a lost bag or two involved. Some things in life are set in stone.

I'm excited about the move - I won't miss my old room (though I may miss having a retreat when I need it). I never see my housies so that's no problem - at least we'll have an excuse to catch up now... but still I'm scared witless about the thought of co-inhabitance. I guess it's just the fact that I'm a little traveller... when I set off to conquer the world, I invisioned a life of glamour - a funky inner city flat with a girlfriend, the bachelorette's high flying life... and later, a stint travelling with my sister. BUT, somewhere along the line, I fell in love with an Englishman. Not a bad thing by any means but a part of me knows that living together now means living together forever. And not that THAT is a bad thing either! It's just the transition into the next phase...

Gawd knows, I'm such an independent, fiery little thing - I won't let myself turn into a homebody, DVD watching, ready cooked meal gobbling couch potato. If I start feeling the 'caged bird' effects coming on I'll do something about it! The bottom line is, we do so much together - experience everything we can... I doubt it'll happen anyway. I guess I'm just scared that I'll experience the same feelings as I did when I lived with my ex when I first arrived in London. But I guess it's a different situation, a totally different person and a different area. And that flat involved MICE!

Can't wait to start painting some master pieces for the walls.... yeah, I'm excited :)
This is a bit long winded because I haven't posted for ages.... other developments in KT world are - a new column 'X in the City' on (excuse the corny pic) and I'm going to be the London correspondent for things are happening!! Now all I need is to get paid for it. She sits and aits patiently for a bloody miracle!

6 weeks til lift off - if they let us leave the country that is! Apparently bird flu is on it's way to the UK. I'll be avoiding pigeons from now on - I wanna go home and no flea-ridden feather ball is going to stop me! Once I'm there it looks like I may not be able to return - apparently I can't re-apply for an Ancestry VISA here in England - so will have to do it from home. gawd knows how long that'll take. Oh well, more fun in the sun I guess.

We're off to see Misery tonight at the King's Head. Somehow I don't think anyone can compare to Cathy Bates - but I'm prepared to eat my words... after I scoff a Tiger Lil's creation, that is. Ah, the joys of choosing your own fresh (again, debatable) ingredients and watching it be scorched in front of your very (smoke filled) eyes. Dining delights....


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